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Essential workers in the house

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines “essential” as “absolutely necessary” or “indispensably requisite.” It also means “I cannot live without you.”

Behind a house’s pretty pictures are structural systems that boggle the mind. Though a good-looking house will attract buyers, a healthy house will keep them there. To diagnose, heal and sell a house, technical experts are essential by any definition.

I’ve been readying our next listing in College Greens for a late-May MLS launch and I’ve been handling the purchase of a new, designer home for Los Angeles buyers. These projects have reminded me that those who work behind the scenes are “indispensably requisite” to not only my clients, but also the economy.

Thank goodness for Fred of Green Light Pest, Jacob at All Points Home Inspection, Davide of Vega Landscaping, Emile the plumbing guru and Rico, owner of Me n’ My Toolbox Handyman Services.

They keep my business moving. They are indispensable.