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Curb appeal 101

…do not hide your house.

You want buyers to see your home, not the 40-year old camellia bushes in front of it. I know – those bushes have been there so long they seem like they are part of the house itself. They are not. To the buyer, they are a landscaping albatross, a negotiable burden.  Don’t let grandma’s azaleas hold you back from multiple offers.

My fave staging book is Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui: Ancient Wisdom to Expedite the Sale of Real Estate by Holly Ziegler (2001). Ziegler writes that “untended or dying plants are in the same category as peeling paint and cobwebs; they are signs of neglect.” Though “neglect” is a harsh and shameful word, Ziegler is on the right track, especially now.

Pandemic protocols are forcing potential buyers to stalk your house from the street. Buyers have exhausted themselves zooming in and out of your online photos. They crave the organic “feel” of your house and miss open houses. They are stir-crazy and doing a lot of drive by’s. You can help restless buyers feel good with feel-good curb appeal.

Here’s a super-simple method for updating the outside your house without breaking the bank. You can use a professional gardener (I have one who is the bomb and super reasonable) or you can get out your quarantine ya-yas and do it yourself.

  • Demo the tired old plants. Those root systems are a nightmare so think about the gardener for this step.
  • Power wash the house and any stone structures. You can rent a power washer from the hardware store.
  • Walk around the neighborhood and take photos of low maintenance front yards.
  • Take the photos to Green Acres and get new plants. Get bark (avoid black gorilla hair because it is dyed and fades, plus everyone uses it).
  • Consider adding a drip system (gardener again).
  • Plant the new plants.
  • Spread the bark.
  • Brag.

In the summer 2020, with everyone in town with screen fatigue, curb appeal will be more important than any time in the history of modern real estate. You can do it!

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Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui: Ancient Wisdom to Expedite the Sale of Real Estate by Holly Ziegler (2001)

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