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An ode to fake lawn

In a fit of pandemic-related madness, we are getting an 8-week old Labrador puppy this week. In early August, I looked at our carefully designed drought tolerant landscaping and thought “uh oh.” Visions of pee-pee soaked wood chips cooking in the Sacramento sun danced in my head. Suddenly the good ole’ water-sucking weed-sprouting patchy grass of yesteryear seemed not so bad.

Surveying our chic though useless terrain I had an epiphany: “get fake lawn.” You may know it by fancier names like “synthetic sod,” but it is what it is – a bright green minty fresh solution to a stinky problem.  Beauty, brawn, drainage, faux grass is the bomb no matter what we call it.

I have known about artificial lawns for a couple of years. My good friend and client, Georgia, is my pioneering synthetic hero. Her deeply cool East Sacramento backyard features a super green playground for her Border Collie and Australian Shephard. Curving beneath the trees, the vibrancy of Georgia’s lawn infuses her property with fun and mischief. And, oh, Georgia sanitizes it with vinegar and water. So much to love.

My happiest listings have included fake lawns.  In 2019 I sold a home in College Greens with an eternally green swirl surrounded by lemon trees and roses. One of my favorite videos is me sweeping that magical grass, spraying it with Windex and gushing about steam cleaning it like carpet. This July, I sold a showcase home in Rocklin that I call a “staycation paradise,” because, well, it is.  Walking into the home, through abundant windows, you see the lawn sparkling emerald-like beside a blue marine pool and palm trees – the vista is authentically breathtaking, nothing faux about it.

The companies my clients used are either no longer in business or booked into November so I left the research to my husband Rick who oversees our remodel projects. Rick found Jorge Prado and ForeverLawn Bay Area and life was instantly better.

Jorge sells, installs and guarantees “premium synthetic lawn.” His is a family business and everyone on his team lives in Napa or Fairfield so they were evacuated during the complex fires. Despite that, and despite the busyness of all gifted tradespeople this crazy covid summer, these wonderful men installed our lawn ahead of time, and on budget. God bless ForeverLawn Bay Area.

Stay tuned for puppy news and stay safe out there – we are in this together.